>He doesn’t seem to recognize you. Then again…well, you did dress for the occasion, and cover up as much as you could manage. His hand on your shoulder is met with an eyeroll as you shove your goggles up onto your head and pull your hood down.

"I startled you into falling on your ass and then laughed for ten minutes while your caretaker screamed at me about breaking my neck or legs or spine or any other number of body parts. Unlikely to forget that."

>You shake your head a bit when he asks if you’re lost.

"Vendor with candy. Wandering. Have lists. General shopping shit going to happen. What’re you doing? Taking things from children aside."

> Once the goggles and hood are gone of course you’d recognize the wiggler. Instantly your face breaks into the biggest smile it can handle and you take his face in your hands. 

     ”How could I forget the wiggler that is under my Mother’s roof? I hear      about you from time to time, still the same things. I bet you take her      back to my wiggler days.” 

>This was too good! Possibly you could even spend some time with the youngster and be able to catch up with him. 

     ”If you’re looking for candy and other goods I should be able to point      you towards the best to buy from?” 


>You totally bump into him like an asshole while on the way to the vendor with candy you’d spotted. Not because you’re an asshole, actually, but because you’re so focused on sugary foods holy shit. You stop long enough to turn and apologize, but…well. You recognize this guy. Your apology stops halfway. Like so.

"I am so sorry, I was—oh my god it’s you."

> The little jar in your stance causes you to make a very immature squeak and you can only hope that whoever bumped into you didn’t take you for a wiggler. After you go through you moment of grief from dropping your guard so much you make sure the troll is alright with a hand on his shoulder. 

     ”It’s me? I didn’t know that I had gained that much attention      already…..again.” 

>It had been so long since someone said that to you, to your face. He gets a warm smile and a pat on the back before you take some papers from a wiggler handing out flyers. 

     ”Are you lost?” 


>Your dad doesn’t seem up for conversation or anything right now, so you just head off to the transportalizer pad, type in the coordinates for your destination, and walk until you hit the market in question. You’re going to liveblog the hell out of this, you know you will.

> Unlike others that were in the area (Karkat) you were just here to scope out how the plans and rules you had set were being put into practice. Making sure that all the stalls were getting a fair share of space and a chance to sell. Anywhere not was immediately moved to a prime space along with any the the others. A beaming smile and overall bright attitude sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You are PROUD of this. 


:33< Nope!

:33< Still lost as pawll getout, but I’m fed!

:33< How are mew doing?

I’m not too terribly bad. I’ve done some paperwork that required my attention and I am fully ready to relax for the rest of the evening. I’m glad that you were able to get something to eat. Could I ask where you are exactly? 


egalitae joined your pride

:33< Hi there, mispurr.

:33< I am Nepeta Leijon and I am furrickin’ lost.

Ah hello! This is a little distressing to see in my tag, have you gotten yourself out of being lost? 

I most certainly fell asleep and had the best I have in a while.

Ahhhh my blood kin are so adorable. 

While I have had an absence I have had the joy of meeting so many more that I can help and have been doing that. I feel good about my work. I know that I am making a difference now.